Only ADB staff can apply directly to the HLT Fund for financing ADB technical assistance (TA), project, or direct charges. For technology providers, please check the Technology Innovation Challenge page.
to know about potential direct opportunities using the HLT Fund.

The maximum funding for each TA or investment project is $5 million, while the maximum funding for each direct charges activity is $150,000. Any amount exceeding the maximum ceiling may be subject to prior consultation with and approval by the HLT Fund steering committee.

The eligible expenditures of the fund include, but are not limited to, consulting services, goods, works, and plants, for project identification and development, project preparation, project implementation, and operation. To ensure strategic resource allocation, eligibility for the fund will be based on a technology list updated annually. While all sectors are eligible, initially envisaged sectors include, but are not limited to, energy, health, transport, urban, and water sectors.

Also, the fund manager will request STGs to provide an indicative list of candidate TA and investment projects, and direct charges expenses at the beginning of each year. The projects and expenditures identified in the indicative list will be considered for fund financing on a priority basis. Non-listed projects and expenditures may also be considered subject to undergoing a review and approval procedure process and resource availability. Each quarter, the fund manager, in consultation with STGs and operations departments, will update the indicative list, together with the fund allocation to each STG.

Here is the application process for TA and investment projects:

Here is the application process for direct charges: