Funded Projects

Below are the list of the projects approved for the HLT Fund financing. If you are interested in one of the projects, please visit ADB’s project page linked there for more details.   

As of 17 February 2022, the ADB High-Level Technology Fund has financed the following projects:

Approval DateProject NameTechnologySectorDMCs CoveredAmount ($000)Related Links
16 February 2022Strengthening Capacity to Design and Implement Water and Rural Infrastructure Facility - supporting the preparation of the Loan Project: Maharashtra Sustainable Coastal Protection and ManagementHydrodynamic modeling and simulations for climate-resilient design for the selected interventions under Maharashtra Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management ProjectWater
India200Project Data Sheet
31 December 2021Preparing Clean and Renewable Energy Investments in the PacificClean energy mobility, Energy transition mechanism Transport
250Project Data Sheet
31 December 2021Southeast Asia Facility for Resilient CitiesDigital solutions for urban services in the Tonle Sap BasinUrbanCambodia
1,000Project Data Sheet
29 December 2021Automated Irrigation System for Himachal Pradesh Subtropical Horticulture Production, Irrigation and Value AdditionSCADA systemWater
200Project Data Sheet
28 December 2021Innovation in Education Sector Development in Asia and the PacificPiloting digital skills assessment tools for teachers in using blended learning, AI based adaptive learning, ARVR based immersive learning technologies in teachingEducation
250Project Data Sheet
23 December 2021Digital Solutions for Optimizing Port Efficiency in Developing CountriesSmart systems for port data generation, sharing and management such as automated information systems , satellite data, distributed ledger systems blockchain, machine learning models, automated container port operations and management systems, remedial measures satellite and terrestrial transponder linked data generation for maritime and shipping, globallyOne-ADB
21 December 2021Integrated Urban Development ProjectDigital museum for silk road heritageOne-ADB
500Project Data Sheet
20 December 2021Decision Support System for Nuts and Fruits in Hilly AreasIntegrated horticulture advisory platformRural Development and Food Security(Agriculture)
400Project Data Sheet
16 December 2021Mindanao Irrigation Development Project Phase 1Nutrition gardens adopting drip irrigation and fertigation and digital technologiesRural Development and Food Security(Agriculture)Philippines
500Project Data Sheet
14 December 2021Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Development ProgramSmart WSS management systemWaterUzbekistan400
10 December 2021Promoting Action on Plastic Pollution from Source to Sea in Asia and the Pacific Subproject 2: Prioritizing and Implementing Actions to Reduce Marine Plastic PollutionThe high-quality plastic bottle-to-bottle recycling demonstration project Reverse Vending Systems for plastic circularity demonstration project Specialist forum support for Ocean Health and Plastics Circular Economy digital and high technology solutions Implementation and integration as stand-a-lone or integrated project elements in developing member countries Remote sensing, App based systems, Near Infrared, Near Field Communication Technology, Fungible TokensBlock Chain systems for enhanced material tracking and accounting Knowledge product development for capacity developmentEnvironment
2,000Project Data Sheet
04 December 2021Strengthening Cooperation on Disaster Risk Management within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Use of digital solutions to improve monitoring and predictive analysis for slow-onset hazards, social media monitoring and analysis for early warning, artificial intelligence for cloud computing and data mining on post-disaster recoveryClimate Change and Disaster Risk Management
500Project Data Sheet
02 December 2021Supporting Innovation in the Philippine Technical and Vocational Education System TrainingPiloting Innovative Applications of Industries 4 Technologies in TESDA Training InstitutesEducationPhilippines
715Project Data Sheet
02 November 2021Supporting Public Sector Governance ReformDigitally Enhance Debt Security Program and Digital Deposit Insurance SystemFinance
300Project Data Sheet
14 Oct 2021Supporting Green Hydrogen Through High TechnologyGreen hydrogenEnergy
India1,000Project Data Sheet
21 September 2021Mongolia: Sustainable Tourism Development Project Phase 2Industry 40 Bigdata Solution for sustaining Western Mongolia Tourism value chainCross Sector
650Project Data Sheet
26 August 2021Kyrgyz Republic: Urban Transport Electrification ProjectLithium-ion batteries, Battery management systems, Battery-electric bus charging infrastructure, Project Grid ConnectionCross Sector
Kyrgyz Republic
650Project Data Sheet
13 August 2021Climate Adaptive Water Resources Management in the Aral Sea Basin Sector ProjectSCADA systems for improved water productivityWater
300Project Data Sheet
10 August 2021Using Digital Technology to Improve National Health Insurance in Asia and the PacificmHealth technology and Inter-operable Health insurance Information SystemsHealthRegional
1,500Project Data Sheet
03 August 2021Accelerating Innovation in TransportAccelerating Innovation in TransportTransport
1,000Project Data Sheet
27 July 2021Innovative Solutions for Water Management and Irrigation to be included as a integral part of Climate Adaptation Through Irrigation Modernization ProjectSolar-powered high efficiency irrigation systemWater
Viet Nam600Project Data Sheet
15 December 2020Developing Macroeconomic Data Warehouse SystemBuilding a Macroeconomic Data Warehousing SystemFinanceBhutan
500Project Data Sheet
14 December 2020A Pilot Project for Food Traceability SystemsA mix of digital technologies including RFID, distributed ledger technologyAgricultureAzerbaijan
150Project Data Sheet
10 December 2020Developing Innovative Community-Based Long-Term Care Systems and ServicesDeveloping Digital Platforms for Community-based Long-Term Care in Indonesia, Mongolia, and Viet NamCross Theme
Regional600 Project Data Sheet
08 December 2020Preparation of the Integrated Perinatal Care ProjectDevelopment Support for Interoperable Electronic Medical Records in UzbekistanHealth
300Project Data Sheet
10 November 2020India: Supporting Strategic Interventions in the Health Sector Towards Achieving Universal Health CoveragemHealthHealthIndia
900Project Data Sheet
10 November 2020Supporting Establishment of National Standardized Spatial Data InfrastructureUse of earth observation, remote sensing and geographical information systems for planning, asset management and maintenanceUrbanArmenia
800Project Data Sheet
07 November 2020Regional Support to Address the Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Potential Outbreaks of Other Communicable DiseasesInnovative logistics and supply chain technology including zero or low power cold chain equipment including iceboxes and Innovative Digital health and mHealth-based vaccine tracking systemHealth
300Project Data Sheet
05 November 2020Integrated Flood Risk Management Sector ProjectAsset Management Information System for Flood Risk ManagementWater
680Project Data Sheet
07 October 2020Supporting the Advanced Knowledge and Skills for Sustainable Growth Project in IndonesiaEstablishing a Blockchain of Tertiary Education Credentials in IndonesiaEducation
500Project Data Sheet
11 September 2020Knowledge Solutions and Institutional Reforms for Sustainable DevelopmentAsset management system for water supply - Pilot to demonstrate application benefitsWaterNepal
200Project Data Sheet
5 August 2020Smart Parking Technology System, under the Karachi Bus Rapid Transit Red Line ProjectSmart Parking Technology for Urban TransportUrbanPakistan
700Project Data Sheet
28 July 2020Sustainable Fodder ManagementRemote sensing and smart ICT-Citizen science for resilient fodder and livestock managementRural Development and Food Security (Agriculture)
400Project Data Sheet
8 May 2020Digital Twin Capabilities in Project ManagementDigital twin technologyTransportNauru225Project Data Sheet
28 April 2020Regional Support to Build Virus Resilient and Energy Efficient Centralized Air Conditioning SystemsClean, efficient and smart air conditioning systemEnergyRegional500Project Data Sheet
16 April 2020Building Inclusive Social AssistanceGIS and blockchain technologiesSocial DevelopmentIndonesia1000Project Data Sheet
31 March 2020Promoting Smart Systems in ADB’s Future Cities ProgramBlockchain based land registry systemUrbanRegional500Project Data Sheet
31 March 2020Support for Innovation and Technology Partnerships in Asia and the PacificHLT solutions in different sectors to be determined through a selection process under the TAMultisectorRegional3000Project Data Sheet
20 December 2019Financial Inclusion Framework StrengtheningMatching grant technology fund for rural banksFinancePhilippines400Project Data Sheet
20 December 2019Sustainable Transport for All: e-Mobility Study – Pilot for promoting e-boats in ThailandElectrification of different types of boatsTransportThailand1100Project Data Sheet
18 December 2019Human Development Enhancement ProgramArtificial intelligence, telemedicine, and quality management systemsHealthArmenia500Project Data Sheet
17 December 2019Developing the Health Sector in the PacificmHealth technology, interoperable health management information systemsHealthTonga500Project Data Sheet
17 December 2019Supporting the Advanced Knowledge and Skills for Sustainable Growth Project in IndonesiaBlockchain technologyEducationIndonesia500Project Data Sheet
28 November 2019Digital Solutions to Improve Agricultural Value ChainsMobile applicationAgricultureRegional500Project Data Sheet
5 November 2019Support for Human and Social Development in Southeast AsiaElectronic medical records and othersHealthRegional500Project Data Sheet
28 October 2019First Utility-Scale Energy Storage ProjectSmart grid technologyEnergyMongolia3000Project Data Sheet
11 October 2019Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Development ProgramAsset management system for water supplyWaterGeorgia225Project Data Sheet
28 June 2019Urban Water Supply and Sanitation ProjectUltraviolet disinfection, fecal sludge managementUrbanPapua New Guinea2500Project Data Sheet
28 June 2019Strengthening Education in the Pacific Region, OFDL Resource Repository for the Pacific RegionOpen flexibled distance learning resource repositoryEducationRegional500Project Data Sheet
26 April 2019Irrigated Agriculture Improvement ProjectWater resources measurement technology, remote sensing technology, geographical information systemWaterCambodia1600Project Data Sheet
12 April 2019Third Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector ProjectAir to water generating systemUrbanCambodia1000Project Data Sheet
1 April 2019Smart Management System for MongoliaWide area monitoring system, and metering data management systemEnergyMongolia1000Project Data Sheet
18 February 2019Sensor Systems to Detect Elephants and Prevent Elephant – Train AccidentsSensor technology – thermal imaging cameras or geophonesTransportRegional500
15 February 2019Regional Road Development and Maintenance Project, Additional FinancingWire-rope median barriers for road safetyTransportMongolia1500Project Data Sheet
19 December 2018Asia and Pacific Innovation and Technology Partnership Technical Assistance ProjectHLT solutions in the energy sector to be determined through a selection process under the TAEnergyRegional1500Project Data Sheet
13 December 2018Climate Resilient Inclusive Infrastructure for Ethnic MinoritiesIntegrated hydro-meteorological and stream gauging stations for climate resilient infrastructure design and managementTransportViet Nam5000
27 November 2018South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation National Single WindowBlockchain, e-Payment gatewayDigital Technology for DevelopmentMaldives500How Blockchain Can Improve Supply Chain Transparency in Maldives
30 July 2018Majuro Waste to Energy ProjectSolid waste management system using waste-to-energyEnergyMarshall Islands500
17 July 2018Greater Male Environmental Improvement and Waste Management ProjectIntegrated solid waste management system using advanced waste-to-energyUrban and WaterMaldives1000Project Data Sheet

Maldives Learns Solid Waste Management Best Practices and High-Level Technology from Japan
09 July 2018Regional Cooperation on Increasing Cross Border Energy Trading within Central Asian Power SystemAdvance energy system planning and analytical toolsEnergyRegional1000Project Data Sheet
08 June 2018Ulaanbaatar Green Affordable Housing and Resilient Urban RenewalSmart renewable energy and building performance control and monitoring systemUrban and WaterMongolia3000Project Data Sheet
18 May 2018Second Power Transmission Enhancement Investment Program Tranche 3Battery energy storage systemEnergyPakistan4000Project Data Sheet

First Grid-Connected Battery Storage System to Improve Clean Energy Access in Pakistan
02 April 2018Strengthening Financial Sector Operations in Asia and the Pacific (Supplementary)Telecommunications and information technologyFinanceRegional500Project Data Sheet
02 April 2018Balochistan Water Resources Development Sector ProjectWater resources measurement technologyWaterPakistan2000Project Data Sheet
21 December 2017Community Vegetable Farming for Livelihood ImprovementSpecialized winter greenhousesAgricultureMongolia500
11 December 2017Capacity Building for Vientiane Sustainable Urban Transport ProjectBus rapid transit systemTransportLao PDR1500Project Data Sheet

Through direct charges, the ADB High-Level Technology Fund has also financed the following as of 17 February 2022:

Approval DateProject NameSectorDMCs CoveredAmount ($000)
22 December 2021Preparing the Nauru Sustainable Urban Development ProjectWater
25 January 2021High-Level Technology AdvisorHLT Fund Management
25 June 2020High-Level Technology Fund Communications CoordinatorHLT Fund Management
5 December 2019Promoting the Use of mHealth Applications to Help Achieve Universal Health Coverage in Developing Member Countries DMCs: mHealth for UHCHealthRegional150
18 November 2019High Level Technologies Smart Contracts for Trade Facilitation in Viet NamGovernance/Public Sector ManagementViet Nam150
27 September 2019Supporting Water Management and Irrigation Services through New Technology Using Mobile Applications for Discharge MeasurementsWaterRegional100
24 September 2019Enhanced Water Security Investment ProjectWaterIndonesia150
29 August 2019Integrated Water Productivity Improvement ProjectWaterSri Lanka150
25 March 2019Integrated Participatory Development and Management of Irrigation Program (Upgrade and Maintenance of an Android-Based Application for Irrigation Asset Management)WaterIndonesia10
05 February 2019Engagement of Experts to Support the Innovation and Technology Partnerships TA ClusterEnergyRegional150
18 December 2018Using HLT to Support University of Pacific’s Technical and Further EducationEducationRegional150
24 November 2018HLT Solutions for Communicable Disease Control in the Greater Mekong SubregionHealthRegional140
30 October 2018Hot Brine Study for Proposed Geothermal Power Generation ProjectEnergyIndonesia100
06 June 2018Capacity Building Program on Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies Phase 1Digital Technology for DevelopmentAll150
19 February 2018Cyber Security ExpertFinanceAll150
19 February 2018Introduction of LIDAR Surveys to Support Water Resources OperationsWaterIndonesia and the Philippines60
22 November 2017Engagement of a Water Sector Expert on HLTWaterAll150